Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love Letters to Literary Crushes Blogfest!

So we all know that next Wednesday, June 30th, Eclipse will be in theaters and we know that we're all going to go see it.

Admit it, you are!

Anyway, I was thinking, you know with the movie coming out and all, Edward and Jacob are kind of stealing all of the love.

Sure we all love long as he keeps his shirt on.

And we love long as he keeps his shirt off.

But there are a lot of other fabulous literary guys (and girls) we have crushes on--especially in YA!

And maybe they are feeling a little neglected this week...

"I look good with my shirt on and off! Where's my love?"
Damon Salvatore, Vampire Diaries

"Once the school finds out I'm dating a student, I'll NEED some love."
Ezra aka Mr. Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

So I propose a Blogfest on Wednesday, June 30th!

Before you head out to see Eclipse, why not let your underappreciated literary crush know how much you love them. Tell them why they are so cute, adorable, sexy, caring, funny, and awesome that you wish they were real and not just living in some author's head. And even if they're not starring in a major movie at the end of this month, we still think they're all that and a bag of chips.

Anyone can participate by signing up at my other blog Frankie Writes with the Mr. Linky. And if love letters aren't your thing, feel free to format it any way you like--but come on, let's spread the YA Literary Love! You can help out by tweeting, and posting on your blogs and then check back here on Wednesday to see who everyone's literary crush is!

To Sign Up (You know you want to!) Click HERE!


  1. oh well - mine isn't so underappreciated - my heart belongs to Mr. Darcy =D

  2. Heathcliff, why you treat me so bad but love me so good?

  3. I love vamps, thanks for all the pics.

  4. I think "a bag of popcorn" would fit better than "a bag of chips"...
    Hm, who's my under appreciated literary crush? Does it still count if I forgot his name? xD
    Wait! I know! I'm stuck between Po and Raffin from Graceling and James from Lament/Ballad.


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