Monday, June 28, 2010

Painted Cranes Meets Pandora

I have a secret and rarely expressed love for all things 1980s: leg warmers, bangle bracelets, blue eyes shadow, Bonnie Tyler, Bon Jovi...

So recently, while I was searching online for images of Japanese fishing boats and got briefly distracted by YouTube videos about deep sea creatures (which I also love), it's no surprise that this clip completely derailed me:

I know, I know. This is not a song of the 80s, but it's by Bon Jovi, one of my favorite 80s rockers, and it brought to mind his and other songs awesome 80s songs, like this one:

After watching the fish clip, I tried to get back to my task at hand--writing a chapter of my current work-in-progress, a novel set in feudal Japan, entitled PAINTED CRANES. But I had Bon Jovi on my brain at that point, so I hopped onto Pandora and made a playlist, then tried to get back to the writing.

No dice.

I never could write or study with music playing. What was I thinking?

Each new song led me deeper and deeper into a state of nostalgia. It's funny--I didn't "grow up" during that decade. I was only 11 by the end of it. But I LOVE it, which I think comes more from experiencing Japanese karaoke than from my childhood. Anyway, before long, I was back on-line, searching YouTube for original music videos of my favorite 80s tunes. An hour and a half later, my writing session had timed out.

Don't worry, I finished the chapter a few days later. And, in an attempt to get it out of my system--no, actually, just to be completely gratuitous--over the next several weeks, I'm going to share with you some of those music videos in a series of posts cheesily entitled "Music Video Mondays."

I can't wait!

But in the meantime, I've shared my chief vice--wasting time online. What keeps you from writing?


  1. That was great, Janine! Very funny. I'm really dating myself here, but it sounds as if you love the 80s for the same reason I love the early 60s.

    And I'm with you all the way. I CAN NOT write with music playing. And I could never study unless the room was absolutely quiet.

  2. Joanne & Donna--Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for indulging with me in my nostalgia.

    : )


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