Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey Effie! May the odds be ever in your favor...

Elizabeth Banks is Effie Trinket!

Alright, I'm REALLY enjoying this casting now. I'm just dying to see who they pick for Haymitch!


Link to article.
Link to @elizabethbanks Twitter announcement.


  1. Oh, she'll be excellent!

    John C. Reilly would make a great Haymitch, but apparently there's been some confusion about whether or not he'd actually been offered the role.

    I kind of pictured someone more like Jeff Bridges.

  2. She is a perfect choice!

    My Haymitch:

    Interesting choice of John C Reilly, I picture Haymitch much older. But still, Reilly would be fabulous.

  3. @Joanne and @Corinne - Both suggestions make sense to me, but rereading Hunger Games, I realized that Haymitch is actually only 40! He just seems older because of all he's been through. Can't wait to see who they pick!

  4. I like Elizabeth Banks, but I'd heard a rumor that it would be Kristin Chenowith, and SHE would be AMAZING, so I just need to get my head around this instead.

  5. I am just curious if they can pull off the movie as well or even close to the books. I really enjoyed them and look forward to their portrayal.


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