Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Apparently It's Zombie Day at the FNC

Ok...so now that I'm seriously contemplating the sexy-factor/potential of zombies in YA literature and in general I suddenly recalled that there was in fact a movie about a zombie which was romantic and kind of sexy, Donna...

Ok I said KIND OF...

Anyway so this guy (whatever his name is) spends his whole life totally in love with the girl next door and then finally senior year he decides to make his move and ask her to the prom. But he does it in a way that ends up with him getting dead.

He has his friend pretend to rob at gunpoint the convience store she works at. I think our boy is named Johnny actually. So Johnny is supposed to step in and save the day and impress Missy so much she will of course say "yes, yes I love you, you saved my life, of course I'll go to the prom." Except that an actual robber comes in and Johnny's heroics leave him with a prom date, but he is too dead to take her.

Until he rises from his grave. He proceeds to convince Missy to still go out with him while things like his ear fall off (because after all-he is decaying). Until he starts to eat people (you know, like a zombie).

Bloody mouth full of best friend's guts...losing sexy points...

Anyway eventually they make it to the prom and I'm pretty sure I recall Missy wearing a fabulous purple dress, though mind you I think I was like 10 when I saw this movie so the dress's fabulousness is probably under heavy dispute.

Anyway, the theme of the prom is heaven (awww) and then Johnny decays so much that he literally "dies" in her arms at the heavenly prom. That part was sweet. And so he finds out he wasn't supposed to die, someone upstairs screwed with the paperwork and he gets another chance. Johnny is a zombie no more!

So hmmm...I'll say half sexy on the zombie debate. I'd still like to see it in YA Literature.

Anyway thanks to Erica and Jennifer for shedding the light on Facebook. I could not for the life of me remember what this movie was called.

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