Sunday, August 30, 2009

Revision is a Re-Vision

The FNC just had one of our tri-weekly critique meetings at the lovely Panera where you can sit in comfy booths, access free internet and eat carbs, all while talking about books and writing.

Since I finished my WIP (the latest incarnation of it's alpha draft) a couple weeks ago, I didn't really have anything new for them to look at, but I did show up feeling kind of down because I've been literally stuck on my revision for a week. I was able to revise 8 chapters rather effortlessly, but by chapter 9 I knew I was in trouble and there were some structural issues and what-not.

I've been literally obsessing in my head about how to change things, how to revise, how to allow a new better faster version of the book spring to life and I was hitting on some points that I discussed with the girls and they seemed to be fans.

But then Donna...oh Donna reminded me of an issue she had with the WIP that was a pretty big issue. I finally allowed her advice and concerns to sink in...and you know what...I now have my Re-Vision!!!

This week has been a week of epiphanies for me-realizing I didn't need to write a companion/sequel series to my current WIP was a big one, and realizing that some world building ideas I'd come up with years ago and shelved away were still good.

So thanks to super awesome advice and brainstorming from Donna and Sara, I now have my new book plan and things are starting to click in my head.

So in a way, I'm going back to page 1 of a blank word document (SCARY) but then again...I've never been closer to finishing as I am now.

Man do I have my work cut out for me...


  1. I've come to realize that whenever I'm just stuck like that, it means I'm going to have to do a major MAJOR overhaul of my book!!

  2. Yeah seriously! You hit a wall and its like you can't break it down, it literally is a turn around and try again wall! I've learned this the hard way but yep...MAJOR overhaul time! Thankfully a very good amount is worth saving!


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