Sunday, August 2, 2009

So...I Wrote A Book

Huh, what do you know! After spending endless hours at my lap top, sipping unheard of amounts of vanilla soy lattes, and completely destroying the "G" key on my computer-yes I wrote this entire novel without a functioning "G" on my keyboard- I have a book. A real live 489 page book with an actual begining, middle, end, rising and falling action, sub plots and characters and chapters and page numbers (oh yes! page numbers), and all the other stuff that makes a book.

And I'm going to be honest-all funniness aside (no really, I'm putting it over there in a corner)-I'm kind of feeling like blech!

Now there might be a number of reasons for this. In fact, I will list them.

1) I wrote until 4am and was woken up at 7:30 by a little sister wanting a ride....grrrr. Fell back alseep but then woke up at 10-definitely not enough sleep to feel refreshed.

2) I am totally torn about my ending and thinking about 100 ways to make my story better and how to edit out all of the excess words, sift out one or two of probably too many plotlines, and make sure that there is a coherent theme pulling it all together.

3) I know that even though this draft is technically done-I'm not done, I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

4) It rained so much here that it flooded all these roads in all different directions and our critique meeting got canceled (Ok this has nothing to do with the other things listed, but I missed my girls today and not seeing you makes me le sad!).

This is actually the second time I finished a novel (though its still my first novel-just a different version of it). I can safely say that I am a million times closer to being actually done than I was when I finished my novel for the first time a year ago. In between my two completed versions of my novel I had about 100 partial versions of the novel, some which contain hundreds of pages that have all been chucked aside. Good to know how far I've come, which when I consider it in full, makes me even more tired.

So I have taken the day off completely from writing...errr, writing books, clearly I'm writing this blog. I absolutely had to take my mind off of my book, so I went to the mall!

I did a mini I -finished -my -book- shopping spree for jeans and jewelry and I printed out my book-that was fun. Now Im watching a marathon of one of the greatest shows ever-America's Best Dance Crew! Seriously, these dancers are amazing-I'm obsessed with The Beat Freaks and Quest Crew , not to mention a little in love with those boys.

And tonight I plan to order a vegan pizza.

Ya, so that's my update:-)

How's everyone else's writing going?

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