Sunday, August 30, 2009

Divorcing your book...or signing a DNR order.

I follow Nicola Morgan's "Help! I Need a Publisher" blog, and she always has great stuff on there. Seriously. Follow her. (She just changed the URL of her blog (to the one I linked above), so make sure you're follow the right one!)

She wrote a post recently about when to acknowledge the death of your treasured novel (after significant rejections, etc), and I found it so honest and useful because I can imagine that it's really hard to accept that you need to move on, and few people in life are willing to tell you to shelve your darling.

Anyway, I was inspired to comment, as were a few others, and then Nicola wrote a follow-up post referencing the comments. AND SHE HIGHLIGHTED MINE! Seriously, I was skimming through my blogroll and I see my name like two lines into her latest post. I'd written that, even though I didn't see myself being able to acknowledge my book as dead, I probably could sign divorce papers. And she liked it! Nicola Morgan liked it!

Anyway, the original post is super-worthy of your time and attention, so check it out HERE. And then check out her super-sweet acknowledgement of all the comments she received, including mine, HERE. And then follow the blog. I'm not kidding.

Alright, off to a critique group meeting!!! (To which I will be late because of this. Oops!)


  1. You go Donna-this was worth being late for!

  2. That IS a great blog, Donna. I'm always looking for awesome blogs to follow. Thanks for the tip. How cool that she mentioned you right at the beginning of that post!

    (p.s., thanks for following my blog too)


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