Friday, August 21, 2009

Unlimited Ducks.

Things I'm doing when I should be writing my novel:

Writing this blog post, but it's so obvious that it doesn't deserve a number.

6. Wondering when our ratty blue mousepad disappeared and was replaced by one with a picture of a duck that says "Ducks Unlimited." Seriously. Makes me wonder why anyone would want unlimited ducks? They're noisy. And they poo a lot. Of course, they waddle adorably and follow the momma duck everywhere, but realistically, no one needs more than five ducks at a time.

5. Googling "Ducks Unlimited." Apparently it's a wetlands conservation group. With a magazine. Considering ordering a subscription to amuse mail carrier.

4. Contemplating the disturbing fact that tonight I did, in fact, willingly forgo a trip to the bathroom to finish the last hundred pages of Graceling without interruption.

3. Realizing that I'm apparently way too tired to blog, because I'm revealing awkward details about myself. Comforting self with the existence of Lisa and Laura, whose posts make me giggle.

2. Loving this Text From Last Night: (936) Feel like bed is flying. Not sure where we're going. Hope there is candy.

1. Deciding to set a record for Earliest Friday Night Bedtime for 23-Year-Old. Because that way, it's a competition, and I can pretend I'm not exhausted to the point of social reject-dom. Who knows, maybe there is candy.

Seriously though...unlimited ducks?


  1. LOL oh Donna! Now seriously though why 5 ducks? Why not 6? Also did you finish Graceling? If so we need to talk!

  2. omg I just spent a hour reading textsfromlastnight.

    (313): Omg. Get me out of here. Someone is playing michelle branch.


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