Friday, September 11, 2009

Sneak Peek Week!

In honor of our awesome--and growing--amount of followers (thanks all!), we ladies of the FNC decided that it's about time we give everyone a little taste of our very own WIPs.

For four days next week, we'll be posting a paragraph or scene from each. We're all at a different stage of our first novel (or picture book, in Janine's case), and the plots couldn't be more varied. Either way, we've been working on these ideas for nearly two years now, and it's time to introduce them to the world beyond the FNC!

Sunday - Sara, YA historical fantasy
~ meet Aranelle Serenson, a willful girl from a small farming village who can't seem to shake her independent streak and settle down like the rest of her friends. She inadvertently becomes immersed in political intrigue that may change the future of her country.
Tuesday - Frankie, YA contemporary fantasy
~ meet Lilianna Brandywine, seventh daughter of a famous family of mages. Her lack of a magic power becomes the least of her worries as an unknown enemy threatens everyone she loves--including the one person she wasn't supposed to fall for.
Thursday - Donna, YA contemporary fiction
~ meet Maddy, Nina, and June, best friends whose bond falters as they begin their junior year. Pregnancy tests, embarrassing jobs, secret romances, and the unholy trigonometry exam are just the beginning of their story.
Saturday - Janine, historical picture book
~ meet Jitsuko, a young Japanese girl living in the late 19th century who receives a mysterious gift from her grandfather and must figure out exactly what he's given her. She doesn't know that the tiny present will change the way she sees the world.

Hope that teaser of a teaser made you as excited as we are for Sneak Peek Week!

Want to learn more about the FNC? Read the introductions we wrote for each other when we first got started on this blog.

Anything you want to know about our WIPs? Just ask! And tell us about your progress on your WIP.


  1. OOh! Can't wait to read your WIPETS (snippets from your WIP). Very exciting!

  2. Can't wait!
    Love the WIPETs idea, Lisa and Laura.


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