Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vampire Diaries: Episode 1

Ok, here it goes, I have a new love! The Vampire Diaries! I've been excited for this show for awhile and it has more than met my expectations. Good thing I'm in my twenties right now because if this show had come out when I was still in high school-I'd be done for, crazy obsessed drooling, dreaming about the show stalking the web for spoilers (what I used to do back in the day before there were all sorts of discussion boards and stuff for me to find). As it is...I'm only slightly gone. Ok...I'm pretty far gone...but we'll just pretend I'm an adult for the rest of this post. Squeeee!!! I mean....I found the show highly enjoyable. Ye-ah...

Anyway...I'm feeling compelled to write up some commentary about the series premiere and who knows...maybe this will be a weekly feature at the FNC. Especially if other people are feeling the show like I am and want to talk about it.

Ok first of all-LOVE the creepy, foggy scenery, the crow, the gratuitous cemetary shots-totally setting this haunting atmosphere and my eyes are eating it up. While we're talking about eye candy...Stefan-HELLOOOOO!!! Major hottie, looks like the spawn of Angel (David Boreanaz) in the best way possible! Also, he seems to talk like Angel, and makes faces like him too (drool). I think he may have been watching a lot of Buffy to prepare for this role (Thank the Universe, I couldn't have dealt with another sexy male vampire interpretation). And Elena...I'm loving her. I'm loving her hair, I'm loving her knee high boots that are too big for her skinny legs and I want her hair now, k thanx!

Moving on...

Elena kicks butt in the first few minutes we know her. She is vulnerable and sad about her parents, but still manages to joke around with her best friend and burst into the boys room at school to bust her younger brother for his druggie ways. You know I once sprained my ankle bursting into the boys' locker room in middle school...but that's another story. Elena, however, does not sprain her ankle, she puts on her protective big sister boots and shows her brother who's boss.

Also...Elena delivers her lines like Buffy a la Sarah Michelle Gellar....seriously, was watching the tv show like required reading to prepare for the part. Whatever, I love the way she delivers her lines, it's unique.

Let's do some roll call!

Funny best friend with a quirk (she's psychic): check! Love her!

Bitchy blonde who is out to get our heroine and steal her man: check!

Lovelorn best friend who will do anything to get our heroine despite the fact that she is so obviously smitten with the new guy resident bad boy vampire: check (why is there always a best friend who is in love with you in these stories? I don't recall this happening in real life to me. in high school...dude!) Hmmm. Moving on.

Unreliable parent/guardian figure who will never ever have any idea what is going on with our heroine: Aunt Jenna...CHECK!

Jerky Teacher Who is probably pretty cool but has to bust your balls because its their job except when Vamp Hottie is proving he knows more about the war than you because he was there fool and saves our heroine from not knowing the answer: Check! (this knowledge I predict will become important in a later episode for flashback purposes as Elena pieces the puzzle together and realizes in a recap montage that OMG Stefan is a vampire)

Big Bad Enemy from our Vamp-Romeo's past: Damon...his brother with good hair! CHECK! CHECK!

Just a small side note: Stefan vamp-notizes the school secretary better than Edward Cullen. Just saying...Edward needs to work on his skills.

The sparks between Elena and Stefan are definitely there, and I appreciate the many little moments they shared already in just one episode. I expect complications to ensue.

Only wierd moment for me was when Stefan was Zack...his great great nephew? I'm guessing. Except Zack appears to be human and older than Stefan at least in human years...and it just made the whole I'm a 200 yr old (or whatever) vampire stuck in a teenager's body a little funny. But I can get used to it.

Let's talk about the music! It was awesome, and emo (but not actual emo music, this was Frankie emo...the good kind).

Lastly...I had a totally "duh you're dumb" moment when I saw them both pull out their diaries and realized...oh yeah this show is called The Vampire DIARIES...for some reason I just thought that was a catchy title. I know...I'm slow.

I'm enjoying the intermingling of Stefan and Elena's commentary at the's very Meredith Grey minus McDreamy(back when Grey's was good) except way way way more epic.

In conclusion: That was one hour WELL spent.

I'm ready to crack open the books.

OK guys...what did you think?


  1. Why am I not surprised you already posted about this?! Teehee. I enjoyed it a lot, and I'd have been squeeing with obsessive joy if this was on when I was in high school. Although I disagree on two points - (1) The music was a little too overpowering and (2) I actually think Elena's hair is too long for her tiny little face. And could maybe one girl have some meat on her and not be perfect-looking? (Do I sound bitter?) Either way, I'm tuning in next week!

  2. Hahaha I know! I actually do agree with you that the music was overpowering but I chose to ignore that fact based on my liking the music so much. So we're cool until they start playing sucky songs then I will get annoyed.

    And you know...can't have it all, it's tv eye candy!

  3. I must check this out! Glad you enjoyed it so much :)

  4. I'm showing my age, but I remember when I was in high school and I watched the first episode of Buffy - hook line sinker done for - this one was good like that. Definitely enjoyed it. Will probably have to re-watch it since my 2 yr old was bouncing on my exercise trampoline squealing "look mama" the whole time and I felt like a complete BM by not paying any attention. I totally got a kick that they were playing some MGMT, so yeah the music was great. So yup - good cast (Speaking of spawn - geez the Damon guy looks like the love child of Rob Lowe), good music, good sets. Hope it stays on track.

  5. ohhh my goood i abs loved it!!! :D my little brother was watching it with me and at one point he turns and looks at me and says.. "what is he supposed to be edward cullen or something?" and omg i almost had a heart attack lol the books have been out like forevar and he compared him to edward cullen lol totally funny :D thanks for posting!

  6. I do believe that my Facebook post says it all about this show: Vampire Diaries is made of Win. And, yes I absolutely loved every second of it. My wife was surprised by this fact.

    I felt that Stefan and Elena's dialogue was mildly reminiscent of Edward and Bella, and I'm almost sure that one of the required readings and watchings for the actors was Twilight. Though, I think you could trace the looks and some of the dialogue all the way back to Interview with the Vampire. Stefan=Louis, Damon=Lestat. I bet we even find out that it was Damon who "made" Stefan.

    One thing that I'm wondering is if, the Vampire Diaries are doing the series like True Blood is on HBO. What I mean is, are they taking one book, and making it into a season of the show, and if so, are they going to be different enough that reading the books is not going to ruin the series. Eh, what the hell, probably going to get and read them anyway.

  7. I read a review somewhere that said it was boring. But with Ian as a sexy bad boy? I just don't believe it!

  8. It was so NOT boring! It was awesome I can't wait for next week!

  9. I'm hooked! I loved it. I haven't read the books, but that's probably a plus going into it. Not knowing what to expect.

  10. Haven't read the books either, but really liked the pilot. Have a slight annoyance that the best friend is a typical BBF (would like her to end up playing a more instrumental role) and think it's odd that Nina Dobrev wears less makeup than Ian Somerhalder.

    Fun factoid: Zach is played by an actor who once starred on a Canadian YA soap opera (FIFTEEN); Nina Dobrev is a DEGRASSI: TNG alumnus.

  11. I loved the Vampire Diaries books when i read them a few years ago, and after watching the pilot i was keen to watch the TV Series, but... It was not to be. It has not (and probably will never) aired in New Zealand, so I am waiting avidly for it to come out on DVD, especially after reading all of your reviews ( I am watching vicariously through you).
    I also enjoy the Buffy/Angel comparisons, as I am a die-hard Joss Whedon Fan.

  12. I had similar thoughts about the Diaries! I was like, really? We're going to do this whole read from the diary thing? And then I realized that's why it was called vampire Diaries. Good job, Naomi. Good job.

    Anyway. I Love this show. I started watching season 2 with my sis and just started watching season 1 with the mum and the sis. So much fun!

  13. I have only found your awesome commentary now, but I have to say, it's really fun to read and I am excited for the other recaps.

    And the reason I am commenting on this one. "Is watching Buffy like requiered reading for the show" (I know the quote is rather... loose). Anyhow, that's exactly what I thought when I first started watching the show. Everyone around me started to compare it to twilight and I was like. "Duh, Guys, BUFFY!!!"
    The whole dynamic is so similar in a really, really awesome way. You got broody Angel, witty Buffy, witch in the making, annoying sibling (who turns out quite alright) and last but not least. Spike, who spend 150 years yearning for a gal, who always loved the vampire, who made him and the he ends up falling for the heroine.
    It's awesome


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