Friday, September 25, 2009

Vampire Diaries Episode 3: Friday Night Bites

Ok everybody, here is the recap!

In Caroline’s room after a wild night of vampire biting/sex:

Augh Caroline is super bloody!

Ok she’s climbing out of bed…Foot tattoo and toe ring-oh Caroline! Love ya!

Hurry up, Damon is sleeping! Come on, get out of there girl!
OMG he’s awake and has his vampire face on. Hope he makes her forget soon.

Outside of Mystic Falls High School:

Man does Stefan look gooood in that jacket and those pants and in everything…

Tyler is plotting to throw a football at you! Oooh nice vampire reflexes. Can Stefan climb trees too?

In Mr. Tanner’s Class:

Stefan showing off in history-this shall be used for the “OMG he’s a vampire” montage. BTW Stefan and Elena are just super cute.

On the football field:

Vampires playing football…something is kind of funny about that. Though I guess it’s not any funnier than vampires playing baseball. What sport is appropriate for a vampire to play?

Elena really does remind me of Buffy when she talks, especially when she refers to herself as “sad girl.” This is so Buffy going, “I can’t be sad Buffy forever. Angel’s gone. Have to move on. Nice tie, Giles.”

And here comes Caroline, wearing a scarf to hide her bites and completely vampirized in the head.

At the Salvatore House:

Oh sexy stomach flash, Stefan. You can show a little more stomach next time ;)

OMG Damon is too funny. He makes the best faces ever! I personally like Stefan’s looks better but I could watch Damon all day-he’s so animated-very entertaining.

BTW…FTW! Hahaha! This scene is cracking me up.

At the Gilbert House where Elena is pretending to make dinner because it is time that the BFF approve of the BF or else!!!

Bonnie walks around kitchen guessing items that are in the drawers. Ooh Bonnie, you are psychic! Too bad psychics aren’t as hot as vampires, you could have had your own show!

Eating dinner…

Ok seriously, where are the parents? We’re having dinner at Elena’s…ok Aunt Jenna isn’t always around… But where did Damon and Caroline do it? At Caroline’s? Where were her parents? Were they home? Did Damon vampirize them with his eyes? What is going on in this town?

Uninvited guests…

Oooh no, Stefan couldn’t stop Damon from getting an invitation inside. Now you know he’s going to do something creepy like watch Elena sleep or something.

Caroline speaks with complete sensitivity…hahaha! Sure, whatever you say babe.

Aha! So Elena doesn’t seem like the cheerleader type? Nope, not TV Elena, but Book Elena…she’d be all over it. I guess this is an attempt to merge the two Elena’s together. I’m almost wondering if pre-parents death Elena was a blond and the dark hair was all part of her mourning process, but I guess not.

Elena and Damon are in the kitchen…

Awww they had a moment. Elena is super sensitive and it’s moving Damon…maybe…

Damon’s eyebrows should have their own publicist.

Up in Elena’s bedroom…

Oooh Stefan has some good bedroom eyes. Things are looking sexy… Where are the parents? Aunt Jenna?!? You're MIA this episode.Unsupervised teenagers in the bed!!!

Oooooh good kissing…shirts are coming off, damn they move fast. OMG Damon peek-abu!

Oooh it was a dream. Well now that explains the preview. I kept thinking Stefan was going to get all vamp faced turned on by making out Elena. I’m glad that didn’t happen. We need to draw out the suspense of her learning his secret.

Back at school the next day…

And Elena is no longer a cheerleader. She is officially TV Elena not Book Elena. I love the necklace he gave her. Is that a special herb to protect her from wily-wild-eye-browed-evil-older-vampire-brothers?

Friday Night…Football time!

Ok…is it just me or is this pep rally going on forever?

Ooooh no Jeremy vs Tyler!!! Nooooooooooo leave Jeremy alone. Also…why does no one notice the underage drinking???? Mystic Falls parents? Teachers? Police? Hello, get a grip on this town.

Oh no Stefan is hurt but has super vampire healing which is uber suspicious to Elena. I sense this is to be part of the epiphany montage…man I’m hoping there is one now. I’ll be very disappointed if all these potential montage scenes went to waste.

Bonnie’s psychic numbers…8…14…22…hmmmm.

In the parking lot:

Damon tries to seduce Elena with his eye-brows. It’s not working…

Damn Elena! She bitch-slapped Damon! You go girl! Vampire hypnosis doesn’t work on her…ooooh she has the necklace with the special herb from Stefan. Yeah! You tell him you’re not Katherine!!!

A bromantic moment between Stefan and Matt:

Matt: Hey man, sorry I was kind of a jerk. You're all right.
Stefan: Yeah, let's be pals!
Aw, Matt is becoming such a great guy! Now TV Matt is EXACTLY the same as Book Matt (minus sister Vickie). I love him!

A not so bromantic moment between Damon and Stefan:

Stefan: I know you hurt deep down inside, you feel, you suffer, you're human.
Damon: No, I'm a monster!
Stefan totally has Damon’s number and he hates it! Augh he just vampirized Mr. Tanner!!! OMG! And now actual characters from the show are starting to be killed off instead of random extras hired for cliché romantic horror movie scenes.

At the scene of Mr. Tanner’s death:

Poor TV Mr. Tanner! Killed at your first football game. It’s too bad you’re not Book Mr. Tanner. He didn’t get killed til Halloween. Oh well…

Ooooh no, Bonnie’s numbers, she thinks it’s Stefan! Oh nonononononono! uh-oh maybe Stefan's bad-ass history knowledge isn't for a vampire montage scene but proof that he and Mr. Tanner didn't get along thus making him a suspect in his murder...if we follow the books...

Sad Jeremy is sitting all alone…

Poor Jeremy. He lost his parents, is doing drugs and helplessly in unrequited love. I’m glad Vickie said “it wasn’t just because of the drugs.” When will she realize that Tyler sucks?

Later that night in Elena’s bedroom…

Ah and now Damon is exhibiting proper romantic vampire behavior. Watching her sleep.

Come on Stefan, you know what you have to do! Start patrolling outside beneath her window!

To be continued…

Ok….hmmmm, final verdict, not my favorite episode of the 3, but still pretty excellent. Also, I barely noticed the music this time. Anyway Damon’s facial expressions are fast becoming my favorite thing on TV and I cannot wait for next week! What did you guys think?


  1. I thought it was a great episode. I am not a fan of book Elena, shes kind of a snoot.

  2. She is! But keep reading, she get's better.

  3. I definitely am digging this format, Frankie! My favorite line of this whole post:
    Damon’s eyebrows should have their own publicist.

    bahahhahaha. And seriously, Damon is one of the main reasons I'm watching VD. The actor's having so much fun playing him, and it shows!

    Can't wait for the "OMG you're a vampire" montage! And Elena's slap = awesomesauce.

    I think we should have badminton-playing vampires next...

  4. badminton-playing vampires? hmmm. I sense a poll. What is the best sport for vampires?

    And yeah Damon is going to town with the acting-its awesome!

  5. Huh makes me laugh how damon floors mr tanner and kills him and stefans just like 'dude, thats not cool' and wen he says hes gonna 'do whatever he wants to stefans little cheerleading girlfriend and stefans like oh.
    patrol her house stefan!!!!
    But I love this show and am totally hooked
    plus damon is hottt!


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