Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Easily Tempted..

All it took was one look at Frankie's post about creating your own fake YA novel cover, and I was off to do it!  You can find the directions (and Frankie's cover) at the above link.

Here we go...

This totally looks like a book I would buy.  And the name Scarlett J. Gill is pretty sweet.  Hmmm...

EDIT: Once I'd done it, I had to--of course--do one for the husband (despite the fact he wants to be a PE teacher, not a novelist.)  BUT, should he ever change his mind, he could be the author of...


  1. Thank you! I choose the creepiest (free) one possible.

  2. Shut up! You get to be Scarlett J. Gill whle I'm Tammy D. Love....so not fair!!!


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