Monday, October 26, 2009

Things that come in threes!

Wonderful things come in threes. Bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Tall, dark, and handsome. Little pigs. Amigos. Wishes. [I swear this has a point.] See, I have three main characters in my novel Multiple Choice, and the chapters alternate among their stories and points of view.

As of tonight, I have three chapters left to write. One for each character.

I figured this deserved a blog post. I mean, way back in the fall of 2007 I wrote the first three chapters as a class assignment. Haphazardly, with a shoddy outline for what might possibly be the rest of the novel. Two years later, I'm on the last three. I couldn't be more excited and proud of what it's become, thanks in no small part to my FNC ladies. :: Hugs! ::

I'm aiming to be done by December, a sort of unofficial NaNoWriMo final hurrah. This sounds silly, but a tiny part of me is in awe that I just might be finishing a novel. I read so many blogs of ridiculously prolific agented writers [LiLa, Natalie, Steph, and many many more], and here I am going googly-eyed about writing one little book. (Alright, it'll be about 100,000 words and 18 chapters. Not so little.) But this is such a huge life goal that I'm so close to accomplishing, and I'm beyond giddy with possibility. I figured -- before the stress of revisions and query letters, why not enjoy the moment?

Here's to the home stretch!

What's been worth celebrating in your writing life recently?

* PS - If you have any sort of love for Christopher Walken, click on that Three Little Pigs link. It's amazing.


  1. Congratulations Donna! That's so awesome. Can't wait to read the rest!


  2. Congratulations!! It's a great feeling. Good luck with it!

  3. Congratulations on just three chapters left!
    It's an amazing feeling to finish a book! Good luck!

  4. Writing your first book... about to finish it... must be awesome.

    And i think that the 3-points-of-view thing is REALLY original. I'll be checking on you to hear about your book :)

  5. Thanks ladies! Chapter 16 starts tonight, but I think the World Series will hinder my progress a wee bit. Even more reason for the Phillies to sweep!

  6. Congratulations!! That is monumental :) I hope I will know the same feeling before the year is out. NaNoWriMo will hopefully propel me in the right direction! And good luck to your Phillies, I really hope they win. *disgruntled Sox fan*

  7. Donna, you ROCK! Don't you just love the home stretch? Can't wait to see what's next in your journey. AGENT! AGENT! AGENT!

  8. Congrats, your almost there! I just love the piggies in the post.


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