Wednesday, November 3, 2010

At Long Last

Have you ever had what you remember thinking was a great idea when you first thought of it, but a few days later, when it came time to execute it, you couldn't recall exactly what you planned to do?

That's the position I am in this afternoon as I write this post.

I've been off for a while, silent on the blog, apart from the FNC, and out of the country. I was in Australia, following my husband around on his concert tour with Nick Parnell and having plenty of adventures of my own at the same time. I saw some great places, ate some amazing food, and chatted and laughed with some wonderful people, including our family and friends over there. I also had a number of bizarre experiences. I wrote all about it on my personal blog Jasmine & Honey, and some of you followed along with me over there. Thank you so much for that! It was such fun to share my adventures with you. (By the way, stuff is still going on over there, so please drop in as often as you like.)

But I've been home for almost three weeks now, and it's been great to get back into the swing of things, including writing and meeting with the FNC. We got together as a complete foursome on Sunday for the first time since mid-August. I was so excited for our meeting, that I planned out a little it's-great-to-be-back-together post in my head and shoved my bulky digital SLR camera into my tote bag so I could take pictures of us together again. And that's the great idea that I had. But I was so excited to see everyone and catch up on all the news and talk about the writing, that I forgot all about taking pictures, and now I can't remember the oh-so-clever thoughts I had for this post. They were probably linked pretty closely to the pictures I intended to take, so even if I could remember what I wanted to say, it probably would have fallen flat without the corresponding images.

However, even though I can't recall the specifics, I do remember the general sentiment I wanted to convey. And that is this:

Frankie, Donna, and Sara, I love you, ladies. All you FNC-ers out there, it is great to be back.


  1. Its great to have you back! Love you! xoxox

  2. Awww Janineeeeeeeeee! It was quite awesome to all be together again. I missed you! And one of these days, we really should take pics of a meeting.


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