Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sorting Hat: YA Edition!

The release of the first part of the seventh Harry Potter movie is upon us!  In honor of it, the FNC is celebrating all things Harry Potter this week.

Something I always thought was genius about the world of Harry Potter is the four school houses and the sorting hat.  Throughout the series, the four houses almost become their own character.  You can learn what character is in and immediately know what type of person they're going to be.

BUT, Rowling didn't let her writing get lazy.  Even though all house members share personality traits, there is some interesting variation.  Neville, for example, doesn't look like your typical Griffyndor.  And while Cho Chang might be in Ravenclaw, she seems to be lacking that common sense so many of them have.

My favorite part about the sorting hat, though, is that it gave me instant access into Harry's world.  I decided what house I thought I would be in, and then poof, I could imagine what being a student at Hogwarts was like!

And then about eight million people did the same thing.  There are countless quizzes on webpages, widgets and facebook to figure out just what house is perfect for you.

I put myself in Ravenclaw.  I'm shy, smart, was an easy choice.

But then I started to wonder.  Where would some of my favorite characters be?  Would I be sharing a house with them, or would we be natural rivals?

What would the Hogwarts houses look like if they were filled with other kid lit characters?

You'll be hanging with Lizzie Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) and Jo March (Little Women).  They might bring a book to the Quidditch match, but they'll definitely be the one to ask for help with your Potions homework.  Also make sure you get to know your housemate Violet Ambrose (The Body Finder).  She'll be the first to know if there's trouble afoot!

No worries if you're not a fan of the dining room food, because you'll be in Hufflepuff with Peeta (Hunger Games)!  Fresh, cooked over-an-open-fire food every day.  And you'll be sure he'll be finding new plants to work with every day in Herbology!  You'll probably be spending a lot of time with him too, since your other housemates will be Sam and Grace (Shiver).  Yeah, they're sweet and could be fun to hang out with...if they'd ever stop holding hands and staring deeply into each other's eyes.

There will never be a dull moment in your day, because your housemates will be Katniss (Hunger Games), Katsa (Graceling) and Rose (Vampire Academy)!  Just be sure you remember your invisibility cloak, wizard chess, and a good pair of running shoes, because they're going to keep you on your feet.  Also be sure to pack a broomstick, because it won't be long before you'll be off to save the day with them.

If you're in Slytherin, you'll need to make sure you keep your wits about you.  You'll be housemates with ultimate bad-boy Patch (Hush, Hush) and the infamous Edward Cullen (Twilight - like you don't know).  You'll also share a house with Greg Heffley (Wimpy Kid).  Just don't let him copy off your homework!

So, who's in your house?  What house do you think you belong in? And what characters did I forget?

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  1. Hahaha! Peeta is in Hufflepuff! I love it!

  2. My first thought was Cassel from White Cat by Holly Black. I think he'd definitely be a Slytherin!

    As for me, I've always had an aversion to Hufflepuff, but now that Peeta is a member....

  3. So so awesome, Sara! But I disagree -- Edward Cullen is TOTALLY in Hufflepuff...

    Melissa - I gotta say, I think Cassel would be like Harry in that, his family history might lean him toward Slytherin, but I think he'd choose Gryffindor.

  4. Melissa--Good one!

    Donna--No, Edward is TOTALLY in Slytherin! Think about it--he's super manipulative and always gets what he wants. Plus, he stalks Bella while she sleeps. Total Slytherin.

  5. haha, good call with Rose in Gryffindor!
    I'm definitely a Ravenclaw as well, which is fine by me :)

  6. Very clever, Sara! I'm still laughing about Greg Heffley in Slytherin!

    I'd put Alek and Deryn from LEVIATHAN in Hufflepuff.

    But what about Tally from UGLIES? Or Evie from PARANORMALCY? Ravenclaw?

    And, I'm sorry, but Vladimir Tod has to be Gryffindor!


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