Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fantasy Quidditch Game: Disney Style

All month while I've been waiting for Deathly Hallows Part 1 to finally BE in theaters...come on midnight Thursday, come on...all I can think about is how much I really REALLY want to play a game of quidditch.

And I've learned something--it's really hard to find a good quidditch team to play for in your area!

So I figured I'd create my own fantasy league and let them have a match. And WHO better to be on my team than the...

DISNEY PRINCES AND PRINCESSES!!!!!!!!!!! And because dating teammates is frowned upon in our fantasy league, we've had to split up most of the happily ever after couples!

Team 1: Weasely is Our Lion King

Keeper, Beast: Because let's face it....NOTHING is getting past this hulking piece of fury love, unless Belle makes a play...
Chaser 1, Pocahontas: She's light and quick and has very good aim, just as long as she pays attention to the game and not the colors of the wind.
Chaser 2, Aurora: She'll be light on her broomstick, so an ideal player. Just be careful she doesn't splinter her finger on the broom and fall asleep.
Chaser 3, Cinderella: We know she's handy with a broom...let's see how she rides one! Just hope she doesn't pause midgame to sweep up a mess of bertie botts in the stands.

Beater 1, Anastasia: Ok, we know she's not REALLY a Disney princess but she's awesome and you know she'd make a great beater, she practically broke Dimitri's face! But she'll have to be careful she isn't disqualified for sending her bludgers below the belt...
Beater 2, Snow White: She knows how to keep 7 little men in their place and bake a mean apple pie. Why not beat a bludger too? Her only problem will be accepting food from strangers after games.
Seeker, Ariel: Because she's really good at finding treasure. But she might get distracted and think the snitch is a fork someone tossed onto the Quidditch Pitch to confuse her.


Keeper, Prince Eric: Of all our princes....Eric is maybe the least athletic...face it, Ariel does all his fighting, so we thought it was safest to keep him on defense. Let's just hope he manages to block better than he handles staying on his ship.
Chaser 1, Belle: She's smart and quick with a good head on her shoulders, perfect for dodging bludgers and other players,  while carrying the quaffle, but she's so nice, she might not want to score a goal on Beast.

Chaser 2, Prince Charming: Not only is he good at returning glass slippers to their owners, but he can return the quaffle to the goal, over and over again. His only problem: throwing it into the right goal (he didn't exactly slip those slippers on the right feet the first...100 times)...
Chaser 3, Dimitri: Yeah ok, not an actual Disney Prince but he's awesome, fun to look at and... good at chasing...things. Unfortunately, he spends so much time gaping at Anastasia, he might take a bludger to the face.
Beater 1, Prince Philip: He took on Milificent and barely knew Aurora, so we know he's tough, but he does have a tendency to break into awkward songs at inapropriate moments.
Beater 2, Mulan: If anyone was going to give the beat down on the opposing team, it'd be her! Just remember that your beater is NOT a weapon Mulan!
Seeker, Aladdin: The boy is quick, one jump ahead of the bread pitch line... But may attempt to keep the snitch for himself and run off at the end of the game.

So what happens?

The Match:

Team Captains Ariel and Belle shake and...oooooh gross! Ariel had some seaweed on her hands and now Belle is sliding around on her broomstick. Yikes!

The Quaffle's in the air and the Snitch is released and immediately Ariel and Aladdin are off tracking it down. Ariel zooms and Aladdin follows! Has she found the snitch!?!? No...just a plastic spoon. Better luck next time, Ariel.

Mulan beats her first bludger and it's heading for Aurora. All she has to do is fly off to the side to avoid it. She's not avoiding it! WHY is she not avoiding it?!?!? Crap, she's asleep! Chaser down! Chaser down!

Anastasia is pissed! She's sending the bludger right back to the  Beauty and the Beaters and...OOOPS! She hit Dimitri!

"Sorry, honey!"


"Men are such babies."

But wait...it looks like there's some real action happening, Belle is heading right for the Beast and...she scores! One point for Beauty and the Beaters! Weasely is our Lion King is going to have a tough time catching up, especially with one sleeping player.

And then...Pocahontas has the quaffle and she shoots and SCORES! Prince Eric...who had you distracted? We have a tie! The match is heating up.

Prince Charming nearly takes a bludger to the head, but Prince Philip beats it away. Just in time! And now Cinderella has the Quaffle and is attempting to score...but wait...she's...she's sweeping up some chocolate frogs that jumped into the game. And now...

Ariel is zooming! She sees the snitch! Aladdin is off too and they're neck and neck. But Ariel pulls ahead! She's lighter on her broomstick on account of having no legs. She makes a dive and grabs...and...and it's a spork! Not the snitch. But Aladdin has the snitch and....he's dissapeared from the pitch with it.

So it's a draw?

What do you think? Would Weasely is our Lion King win the Quidditch Tournament or Beauty and the Beaters? Who would you put on your fantasy Quidditch Team?

Special thanks to my pal Chris Sasiadek--he named the Quidditch Teams:-)


  1. I love this!!

    This is so hard!

    While Lion King has Beast and P, and Anastasia, the other team has Aladdin and Mulan!

    I think Our Lion King is going to win though!

  2. Beauty and the Beaters all the way! Awwww! Get um!
    Awesome post. Love it! Amazing job with the teams!

  3. Haha looks like we still have a draw! I have no idea who would win, but it was fun coming up with the teams!


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