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10 reasons I watch Vampire Diaries Season 2 because of Caroline Forbes

Caroline was a hilarious side character in the first season of The Vampire Diaries, but Damon (and his eyebrows) ran the show. Now in Season 2, she's stolen the spotlight -- it's Caroline's world now, and I couldn't be happier! Time to show the best newbie vamp on TV some lovin'.

10 reasons I watch Vampire Diaries Season 2 because of Caroline Forbes

1. She tells it like it is.
To Elena, about Stefan: I’m sure that you two will beat the odds. Not that there’s any study to pull odds from. What is the ratio of success for vampire-human couplings? I’m guessing nil. [...] You're gonna be seventy and in diapers and he will still be smokin' hot. (Memory Lane) 
On killing Katherine: She killed me. Fair’s fair. (Masquerade)

2. Best. Vampire. Ever.
- She's come a long way since being Damon's personal blood bank/sex toy. In half a season, she's embraced her vampiredom and (mostly) controlled her cravings.
To Stefan: You want me to eat bunnies and I'm kind of freaking out. [...] Isn’t killing cute, defenseless animals the first step in becoming a serial killer? (Bad Moon Rising)
What, do I have something on my face?
3. She kicks some serious butt...
- Damon, Mason, Tyler, and even the uber-evil Katherine have all felt her wrath. Could she be more awesome?
To Mason Lockwood: “I can take you.” (Kill or Be Killed)
Ok, this isn't a picture of Caroline in kick-butt action. But the Lockwoods are a fine-looking bunch of were-men.

4. ...And looks great doing it.
- From cheerleader to Miss Mystic Falls contestant to badass (but stylish) vampire, Caroline's done it all -- with amazing hair!
"I don't get to choose the ring I have to wear the rest of my life?" (Bad Moon Rising)
5. She provides a welcome break from the Epic Epicness of TVD.
- The fate of Stefan! Elena! Mystic Falls! the WORLD! might be at stake, but perky Caroline keeps it fun.
"Werewolf Road leads straight to Vampire Boulevard." (Rose) 
Caroline: “Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?"
Stefan: “My what? My serious vampire look?"
Caroline: “I mean, it’s different from your worried vampire look, neither of which stray too far from your ‘Hey, it’s Tuesday’ look." (Bad Moon Rising)
6. Her self-awareness.
- She's flawed. She knows it. We love her for it.
"So you're saying now I'm an insecure, neurotic, control freak... on crack?" (Bad Moon Rising)
7. Wait... she has depth?
- She's grown a lot from Season 1's vapid, clueless Caroline. Her most tear-inducing moment was when she compelled her mom to forget she was a vampire ... after the truth had made them bond for the first time in years.
"You’ll remember you got sick with the flu. You had a fever, chills and ickiness. But I made you soup. And it was really salty. And we bickered. And you got better. And then your selfish little daughter, who loves you no matter what, went right back to ignoring you. And all is right in the world." (Plan B)
Getting Matt to break up with her for selfless reasons was another sweet moment.


8. Her impulsiveness.
- Telling Tyler she's a vamp wasn't exactly in the plan. And she might've been all noble making Matt break up with her for his own protection ... but she's still Caroline.
"I just stopped by to gawk and quasi-stalk Matt." (Masquerade)
But really, who wouldn't quasi-stalk Matt?

9. She's not Bonnie.
- Unlike Elena's downer of a best friend, she's not a whiny, miserable ... witch. Instead, she's sassy and made of awesome.
"God bless Elena, but she does NOT understand the word ‘fabulous.’" (Brave New World)
10. Team Tyroline... um... Team Cyler...?
- So what if werewolves and vampires are immortal enemies -- she and Tyler should get together! I mean, she's the only girl who can keep him in line AND understand his "OMG I'm a paranormal freak" anxiety. They might not be OMGsoulmates, but their relationship would be so. much. fun. Just no love nibbles!

Hi Tyler. You're much nicer this season.
In conclusion? Caroline's Season 2 transformation made her the best character in the series -- which is pretty impressive, considering this season is epically awesome and TVD is one of the most fun hours on TV.

Tell me tell me tell me! Who's your favorite Vampire Diaries character? Why do you love Caroline? Or what shows do you watch because of one awesome character?

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  1. Caroline is made of awesome this season! She was okay last season. A little vapid and self-absorbed, but I love the transformation. Her becoming a vampire was the best thing that could have happened for her. Now, I just hope she doesn't get killed off like Vicki because I loved her too.

  2. She is an awesome vampire! I so agree! She played a bigger part this season in the show for sure! The carnival(I think it was) was a turning point for her in the show.

  3. I totally agree! I love Caroline, I especially love vampire Caroline. She definitely makes the show better.

  4. Nikki and jacmom - Check your email for my reply!

    Marcie - Yes! Vampire Caroline is like Caroline + awesome. The show is great this season, and she gives me one more reason to tune in!

  5. Oh, yeah, love the new Caroline. I just wish they'd improve Bonnie's character and give her a boyfriend - pla-ease! Caroline definitely made me want to keep watching, with the exception of the love triangle. And why is it that Elaina gets all the love anyways? She has more than enough dudes to share.

  6. I totally agree with you! The new Caroline is awesome. I never really gave her and Tyler a thought but that would be a cool twist. I've been thinking that maybe her and Damon would get it on favorite on the show is Damon- i love how we are seeing a more kindhearted side of him. He really has layers. Plus, he's hot.

  7. LM - Bonnie's such a downer! Hopefully Jeremy will snap her out of it. Caroline's such a bright spot this season, but Team Dalena also keeps me coming back for more!

    Kelly - Check your email for a reply!

  8. I've been surprise by Caroline. I didn't think much of her in season 1 but love her this time around! I think Damon is my favorite, but Caroline is up there!
    And totally agree that the Lockwood's are hot (actually most of the men in the show are)!!

  9. Totally love Caroline this season. She makes the shows.

    Well, her and Damon and his eyebrows. :)

    Honestly, Damon is and always will be the reason I drop everything to get to the show.

    But once I start watching it, I realize that he's not the ONLY reason I keep watching. Caroline is amazing, Jeremy is so stinkin' cute, Katherine is badass, and the writers, I want to bow down and kiss their feet.

    Gosh, I sound like a lunatic fan...maybe I am...

  10. I really love Caroline this season. she kicks butt.
    I gotta say though, Damon is still my favorite character.

  11. Page and Tiffany - Check your email for my reply!

    Chic Fit Geek - If it makes any sense, I think Damon's the best character on the show, but right now Caroline's usurped his position as my favorite character. It's a tough choice!

  12. I love how much detail you included in this post I used to hate the old Caroline but now I really like her. Still my favorite character is Damon. He's just so gorg.


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