Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're just wild about Harry

You've probably noticed that it's Harry Potter week here at the FNC. We love Harry Potter and all things related, and we're looking forward to tonight's opening with as much excitement and anticipation as anyone, even if it does signify the beginning of the end.

Unlike Donna and Frankie, and perhaps unlike you, I'm not going at midnight tonight. I haven't pre-ordered any tickets for the weekend. I'm not sure yet when I'm going--my family members and I are trying to align our schedules for an epic family night out. I'm have five siblings, and some of them have spouses, and one of them has two kids, and two of them are still kids themselves, so getting our calendars to cooperate with each other is tough. But you can be sure, I am going, and I can hardly wait.

To help hold me--and all of us over--until we get to see the movie, my 10-year-old brother shared some treats with us from the trip to Florida that my dad and step-mom recently took him on.

My little brother went to Hogwarts at Universal Studios!!! And, yes, those are Every Flavor Beans!!!

They really are every flavor: tutti frutti, popcorn, coconut, cinnamon, pepper, boogers, earthworms, dirt... The gross ones really were gross, and the flavors were accurate.

"This tastes like dirt!" my sister said about one. We checked the card, and indeed, it was dirt.

He was so generous to share these with all of us--they were gone by the end of the night, though some were spit out rather than swallowed.

And the beans weren't the only treats he brought back.

And earlier that same day, my sister received a letter from him in the mail. One he had sent while at Universal. They have a bona fide post office in the middle of the Hogwarts exhibit, and it is registered as Hogsmeade!

All these things certainly fed our enthusiasm for this weekend, but they have given me just enough Potter pleasure that I feel I can hold off for a few more days while we try to get our plans together.

Whenever you get to the theater, be it tonight or another day like me, I wish you a wonderful time.

Enjoy it!


  1. Ok, slightly jealous over here. What awesome timing, to go to the wizarding world just before the movie comes out!

  2. I know! We--his adult siblings--were all pretty jealous. But it was so nice of him to share his beans with us, don't you think!

  3. I'm not going tonight either, Janine, so I sympathize. I should make it to the movie on Sunday, though.

    Your little brother's lucky! Would love to go there. Everyone says it's just like being plunked down in the middle of a Harry Potter movie.

  4. just noticed the title, Neen... Mom wore my "wild about Harry" pin to school today. Drop by and pick it up if you want to wear it to the movie tonight. hah.

  5. This is great. I'd love to know how your sister would know what dirt really taste like? I'm guessing she's actually eaten it? I didn't see the movie either and I probably won't until Christmas or so. For some reason, I can't find a family member who is up for the challenge of watching a 4 year old, 2 year old and a newborn. What gives?!?


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