Friday, July 16, 2010

In which Donna tweets and has miscellaneous technological revelations.

Let's file this one under "Adventures in Social Networking/Building a Platform," shall we?

(I can't be the only one out there who is mystified by something that apparently *everyone* knows about technology, right? That's why I'll put myself out there for potential ridicule.)

1. I joined Twitter. (@donnagambale) I still only kinda know what I'm doing. I mean, it took me a couple weeks to figure out how to know if someone mentions me or replies to me or retweets my stuff. 

Not that any of that happens much.

And I had to Gchat Frankie to ask what it meant when @ChuckSambuchino #FFed me. (Thanks, Chuck!)

But yeah, I basically just tweet links to awesome things I discover online, attempting to be worthy of that #FF. Except I can't really tweet between 9am and 5pm (besides my lunch break), and that's usually when I have my tweet-worthy ideas. So I generally do a flurry of tweets at like 8:57am and 5:05pm, and maybe a couple around 1:30pm.

It's a work in progress.

2. I literally just learned (again, from Frankie) that you can reply to the comment emails you get for blog posts and the reply goes directly to the commenter's email, if they provided one.

Since when?!

I swear, when other bloggers (like LiLa) mentioned in posts that they try to reply to all comments via email, I thought "Wow, that must take forever to go to each person's profile and find their email and then email them..."

Ahem, not so much.

So, lovely, dear commenters and potential-commenters, that's my new preferred way to respond to comments! (But what's your preferred way to get responses? Feel free to drop in with your opinion.)

3. I STILL have trouble working my Comcast remote.

I mean, I press the "All On" bright red button, and it'll like, turn the cable on but not the TV. And I press it again and it turns the TV on but the cable off. And don't even get me started on the individual "On" buttons.

I just keep pressing buttons until it works. I think I'm deficient.

But in my defense...
I can occasionally be quite smart with tech things. Like, I know basic html code and once created a website, so it helps when redesigning the blog layout and fixing post layouts. And I figured out how to use Google Analytics.

(Who am I kidding? A trained monkey could probably do that stuff.)

In conclusion? #technologyfail   <--- Hey, I'm learning!

Don't leave me all alone here! What technology surprises have you had? Anything you just can't master? If you comment, I'll email you a response! Coz I'm smart like that.


  1. Good job on all of the above!

    I <3 my universal remote by Logitech. It's so easy to use that my five year old can watch TV, then switch to a DVD and switch it back as needed. :)

    I HIGHLY suggest getting one! I have this Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control. It's a bit pricey but totally worth it. :)

  2. I still have trouble with the remote because I don't watch TV much.

    Good for you for tweeting. I haven't yet. Like you, I work full time and am not sure I have time to do it. Keep us posted as to what you think of doing it.

  3. Hahaha! Hilarious! Don't worry, I use this techno crap all day every day and I still suck at it #notreally

  4. Funny post, Donna! I hate technology. But I actually DO know how to use a remote (and I don't even watch much TV).

    My kids are impressed because I know how to text, which a lot of people my age don't. And I have a blog, which isn't as cool as yours, but not too many people in my generation are good at that stuff.

    I only tweet occasionally. All that hashtag stuff still confuses me. It took me FOREVER to learn what RT means. I kept thinking it meant "reply to" and I'm sure my face was bright red when I finally learned it means "retweet"!

    Guess I'll have to go hide in the corner next to the trained monkeys because I don't have a clue about Google Analytics...

  5. Uhh...

    "I literally just learned (again, from Frankie) that you can reply to the comment emails you get for blog posts and the reply goes directly to the commenter's email, if they provided one."

    How do you do this?

    Wow - I reply to every comment on my blog. I've always wondered if anyone comes back to see the replies. Now that I know I could've been emailing them directly without having to sleuth out their addys, I feel like an idiot.

    Thanks so much for this timely post. And Twitter - yeah, I'm a ways from that. As it is, I can't keep up with all the blogs I'm subscribed to.

    BTW, today is the last day for Character Contest #1. Check out the details on how to win cool book stuff here:

  6. I have learned that Google reader and doc's are a girls best friend

  7. Uhm, I had NO idea about the email reply to comments either. I usually just reply in the post! I think a lot of people must not know because I see a lot of replying via the comment form. And I have to admit when I got that email from you the other day I was like, "WOW! She must have really loved that video to take the time to hunt down my email address, etc." But now I know the truth. You've just figured out technology. And now you've enlightened me. Awesome.


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