Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outtakes from the LINGER quad-review!

And for our last post of Maggie Stiefvater week...

We must confess: we didn't post EVERYTHING we typed in our Google Chat during our epic LINGER quad-review.

We cut a bunch of silly comments to each other (noted in parenthesis in between actual reviewing) and random tangents on everything from nachos to Twilight ... until now. (Dun dun dunnnn...)

Ever wondered what it would be like to attend an FNC gathering? Brace yourself.

Arguing over the preferred cover color of the third book in the trilogy, FOREVER:
Frankie: Definitely need some tissues for this book--preferably in a green box to match the cover.
Sara: And the text! Have you seen LINGER in stores yet? The text is green!
Donna: * pets covers * They're soooo pretty!
Frankie: I hope FOREVER comes in purple...just saying.
Sara: Yes!
Donna: Red!
Frankie: No!
Janine: Purple
Frankie: Only Cool colors
Donna: But it'll be SUMMER! Hot! Red!
Frankie: And totally breaking the scheme of cool colors!
Donna: Blue = winter, green = spring, red = summer
Sara: Ohh.
Janine: no. yellow=summer
Frankie: You are so wrong
Sara: Way to go, Donna. I totally missed that.
Janine: but yellow wouldn't work
Sara: You're kinda right.
Donna: but they won't make a yellow book
Frankie: yellow would be hard to read. I hope the cover designers are listening. Not to Donna though.
we wants purple.

* Does this remind you of anything? Perhaps the classic Sleeping Beauty scene with Fauna and Merryweather fighting over what color to make Aurora's dress?

On nacho-y goodness, Twilight comparisons, and Gchat hating Donna:
* This whole beginning, Donna's kicked out and no one knows. Maydayyyyy!
Sara: (Yay, nachos!)
Frankie: (I wish someone would bring me nachos)
Frankie: You guys are going to bite my head off...but Beck reminds me a lot of Carlisle Cullen.
Sara: Dude.
Janine: AHHHHHHH! You're right! Yikes.
Sara: (hold on guys, donna's not getting the chat)
Janine: But I envision him with olive toned skin. And dark hair.
Frankie: Maggie I think once mentioned McDreamy playing him---so now I picture him like that.
Sara: (wait, pause! pauuuuse!) 
Janine: (ok)
Frankie: (this is soooo funny, we need to do it more often)
Janine: (i luv heluvagood cheese!)
Donna Gambale has left.
Sara: (okay, donna's going to leave and someone needs to reinvite her cause I don't know how)
Donna Gambale has joined.
Frankie: (YAY Donna's back)
Sara: (Donna can you see us? Can you hear us now?)
Donna: (whew!)
Janine: so Beck could totally be a Cullen
Frankie: (oooh I'm with you)
Janine: ya know, cuz Cullens like nachos too
Frankie: LOL Janine you are so random
Janine: Would that be a non sequitor?
Frankie: But seriously!
Janine: yes, seriously
Frankie: He infected Sam on purpose when he was a kid! And Sam is the poster child for DO NOT WANT!
Sara: So really, Sam's Rosalie.
Frankie: Yep!
Donna: Ok, Twilight aside OVERRRR! THIS IS NOT REVIEWING! teehee

And just how often does Sara cry? 
(Special extended scene from the quad-review, now with nachos!)
Frankie: Can we have a copy of FOREVER, now?
Janine: Please? With nachos on the side?
Sara: I cried like a baby at the end of LINGER. I cried so much I had to text Frankie about it.
Frankie: Oh yeah, I remember that!
Donna: You ALWAYS cry, Sara.
Sara: I do not! Well, maybe I do.
Frankie: You kind of do
Sara: A little bit.
Frankie: Or a lot.
Donna: But this was EXTRA crying, right?
Sara: It was pretty intense.

Hope you had fun reading the outtakes, because we had an awesome time quad-reviewing!
And this wraps it up for Maggie Stiefvater week! Whee!

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  1. Really? Green font? That's freaking awesome! I vote for blue. Or silver.

  2. Blog outtakes! What a fabulous idea. Trust the Fab Four to think of that.

    Hilarious, ladies. Hilarious.

    And I always loved that part of Sleeping Beauty. I was watching that before you guys were BORN!

    As for Maggie's third book, I vote for orange, or NO, WAIT -- bittersweet.

  3. I could see a purple book in the future-red would be cool but it'd be hard to read... a dark purple would be easy on the eyes o.o

    I never would've tied Shiver to Twilight but yes, I see it! Sam and Rosalie could angst about their conditions together. Aww. xD


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