Thursday, July 15, 2010

There are dog people ... and then there are those other people.

The dog people vs. cat people thing can get pretty darn intense. I mean, I'm a dog person, and it's not that I severely dislike cats. In fact, kittens can be quite adorable and snuggly. (But most baby animals are adorable and snuggly, so I don't give kittens that much credit.)

This little guy though... Melt!
Image source. 
Alright, kittens are cute too, especially when they're sleeping.

But something about the "Love me! Love me!" personality of (most) dogs just appeals to me.

Exhibit A: Dug from Up!


 I find cats prissy or mean, like maybe they'll deign to let you pet them. Maybe.

Exhibit B: Actual cat.

Alright, in the interest of full disclosure, I'm also allergic to cats, so perhaps I'm being biased. Oops.

And what the heck does this have to do with writing?
(I swear this post is about more than cute animal pictures. Not that there ever needs to be a reason to post cute animal pictures...)

Characters! A character's favorite animal tells a lot about them. (Like in Harry Potter, with the characters' Patronus and Animagus forms.) And let's not even limit it to dog people vs. cat people. For example, my all-time favorite animal is the otter. (Ahem, JK Rowling loves otters too. Yeah, we're besties like that.)

Courtesy of The Daily Otter
But what if I preferred octopi? Or hippos? Or unicorns?  Or owls? I think Mary Bennett from Pride and Prejudice would like owls. Very stoic and smart. Not that a favorite animal tells everything about a person, but it's an interesting thing to consider, another dimension of character, one Rowling used especially well.

You know what I love? Wrinkly whistling puppies.

Say it with me now --- awwwwwww!

Ok, dog, cat, and antelope people --- tell me your favorite animal in the comments. Or your fictional character's favorite animal. Or assign a favorite animal to your favorite fictional character. Or, if you really love me, you'll link to more adorable animal pictures/videos.


  1. I can't take credit for this one. Shannon sent it to me via Twitter today. But since I'm giving her credit for the adorable I hope it's OK that I'm sharing it with you now:

    Clearly this demonstrates which team I fall on in the great cat vs. dog debate.

  2. Kitties all the way for me!

    Although I like small-sized dogs, too. I'm just not too fond of big dogs with a tendency to jump on you and knock you over :/

    Well, the cat in the video looks really angry. I wonder what they did to him? My cat does that, too, sometimes - but it's playful for him (no flat ears or hissing or anything). He likes grabbing and biting :)

  3. Well Doug is AWESOME, though. I'm a cat person *ducks*...

  4. Officially my favorite post EVER! I'm a dog person (over cats, other animals, PEOPLE!)...I could watch the "squirrel" and "whistling puppy" clips all day!

  5. I have a bunny! Her name is BunnyBee and she the cutest! I never had a bunny as a pet before and I didn't know they were so smart!
    She stays in the house like a cat. She's potty trained! (took me 2 days to train her and she was 1 month old! O.o).
    I have always been a dog person but now I'm def a bunny one too! =)

  6. I'm an equal-opportunity animal lover.

    And thanks for making my day with the whistling puppy! That was beyond adorable!

  7. You've been to my house, you know that given the chance I'd be living in a veritable zoo :)

    I think cats are greatly misunderstood--some, of course, are just jerks, but I think a lot of cats get made unsociable by their owners, who get them because they're lower maintenance than a dog and then leave them alone a lot.

    Or, maybe my cats are just weird and overly loving. I did find them spooning yesterday morning.

    Of course, I love my puppy too, even I did come home yesterday to find that he'd ripped up an ENTIRE book I was reading...

    I think my favorite animal would have to a penguin. Because, well, just look at them. Adorable!

  8. I'm dogs all the way, but I'm also really fond of goats.

    I might like cats if they didn't give me hives - yikes!

    If the post worked out alright, you should see my elder schnauzer as my avatar.


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